18th Birthday Card What To Write?

18th Birthday Card What To Write?

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18th Birthday Cards, Ideas on what to write inside.

So they're finally becoming an adult, and turning 18.  That usually means they think they know exactly how the world works, and have an answer for everything.  So you will probably want something extremely witty to write inside their 18th birthday card, right?

There are funny 18th birthday cards, rude 18th birthday cards, cute 18th birthday cards, special 18th birthday cards and pretty much everything in between.  Finding the words to write inside to match the card can be difficult, after all you don't want to resort to the same boring 'Happy Birthday, All my love...' that you write each year, do you!

Here are some ideas on what you can write inside an 18th Birthday card.

Personalised 18th Birthday Cards

At Paper Comet you can personalise any 18th birthday card by putting a special message inside.  Customising your cards online with us is easy, just use the online greetings card editor and add your message inside.

Some of our age milestone birthday cards have space on the front cover to add messages too.


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Photo Upload 18th Birthday Cards Online

If you decided to create a unique 18th birthday card by using one of our photo upload cards, then you might want to think about writing a message inside the card that relates to your chosen image.

Upload a photo of your 18 year old when they were young, then write a message inside the card describing the photo or an occasion back when they were kids.

You could start with phrases like

"Remember when you did this..."

"How cute was you when..."

"This was your favourite toy..."


Funny 18th Birthday Cards UK

18 year olds might think they know it all, but they are still kids at heart - choose a funny 18th birthday card that will steal a smile.  What witty and funny quotes could you use to write inside an 18th birthday card.

"Now you're 18 you can legally do all the things you have been doing since you was 15..."

"18 years I have looked after you, now you're an adult - look after yourself!"

"Just because you can now legally drink, doesn't mean you should.  We all know you cant handle it!"


Cute and Sweet 18th Birthday Cards

If you want a more subtle 18th birthday card, something cute and sweet for the little angel in your life, you will want something equally as heart felt to write inside the card.

Try some of these to get your started when signing their 18th card.

"Welcome to adulthood, we know you will be great at it!"

"You've bloomed into a beautiful adult, happy 18th"

"Happy 18th, now go out there and chase your dreams.  You deserve it"


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Unique 18th Birthday Cards Online

Card stands in the local supermarket are full of bog-standard 18th birthday cards, some might excite you but I bet for something as big as turning 18, you will want to find a card that really screams HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!

Why not create something totally unique like a photo upload card.  Find the right words that are as unique as your card design.

"12 years till your 30, let the countdown begin"

"Just cause it's now legal, doesn't mean you should do it"

"18 and still can't grow a proper beard"


Rude 18th Birthday Cards

If you're easily offended, look away now.  Yes there are some who like a good old rude birthday card, and when better to send one than when somebody is turning 18.

Include a funny rude message inside the card to go with your crazy sense of humour...and just hope they get the joke too!

"18 years old and still a fucking idiot"

"Wow, what an accomplishment.  18 and still a virgin!"

"You're 18 now, when are you going to move out and get a job!"


Turning 18 years old in the UK

Becoming an adult at 18 is exciting but also scary.  Suddenly you wake up entitled to (legally) do so many new things and finally become fully responsible for yourself.

So what can you legally do when you turn 18 in the UK.  These might give you some awesome ideas for writing a banging 18th birthday card.

In the UK, when you turn 18 you can:

  • Serve on a court Jury 
  • Be sent to prison
  • Write a will
  • Pawn things at a Pawn shop
  • Get married without permission
  • Buy alcohol 
  • Watch or buy an 18 rated film
  • Bet in a casino or betting shop
  • Get a tattoo or body piercing 
  • Drive a bus
  • Ride a 125cc motorcycle 

 Buy 18th Birthday Cards Online

So you need to buy a Happy 18th Birthday card, with Paper Comet it's so easy.  Here is how to send a personalised 18th birthday card online. 

  • Take a look at our selection of cards
  • Choose a design you know they’ll love
  • Click “personalised” on the right of the screen
  • Scroll through each page
  • You’ll see “Edit” and left and right arrows
  • Click edit
  • To edit the page simply click the section and type what you want your card to say.
  • Scroll to the back page
  • Select “Save”
  • You can either edit again if you’re not happy or choose your send option
  • Send directly to the recipient or send to yourself for you to send.

Keep in mind that not all cards can be personalised on the front page. Some cards allow you to add names, ages or add images, our editor will let you know.

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