Greetings Cards Behind The Camera

Greetings Cards Behind The Camera

Robert Richardson ·

Last week our team here at Paper Comet HQ had such fun creating new content for our social media advertising campaigns!  A dressed stage, multiple cameras, food and ofcourse some beer and bubbly, the evening went down a treat for our employees and guests - who kindly donated themselves to our cause as amateur photo models for the evening.

Marketing a greetings card business has certainly been more challenging than one may have first thought.  I mean gone are the days of turning a profit by simply laying out your market stall with all the colourful and creative designs; the car boot and market stalls aren't going to cut the mustard here I'm afraid.  Even the independent craft fairs can be over-populated by competing stall holders fighting for the attention of just a few keen buyers, whilst trying to convince the 'I am just browsing for a day out' people that they should support your indie business to help feed your kids and pay your mortgage!

We launched Paper Comet on the pre-cursor that we would lean heavily, nay almost entirely on the use of social media to campaign our goods to the world.  By creating social profiles on almost every platform available, we we're certain that at least a few stragglers would notice our cards and feel inspired enough to hit the buy button.

Social media platforms are wonderous places with infinite possibilities, after delving deep into the world of Facebook advertising we were amazed to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes!  The ability to push your strongly worded sales advert onto simply those who meet a gender and age range is not even the tip of the iceberg - the chance to 'ninja warrior' focus your target audience down to even the types of food they like is impressive.  But this infinite power of possibilities comes at a price - the need to be able to actually write and create compelling creatives that your target audience actually want to see (or will even notice in the minefield of social posts).

It is this reason alone (except for the reason that it was pure indulgent fun) that we spent a Friday late afternoon firing confetti cannons and throwing balloons at each other in front of studio lights, cameras and Go Pros.  This micro-documentary of us laughing and joking to the clinking of champagne glasses and beer bottles was certainly the talk of the office the following Monday morning.

But alas, bending to the will of our super-talented Graphic Designer Kel, these candied images became works of art, truthfully eye-catching and inquisitive pieces.  And it is now with these weapons of choice we march back to the battle field of the social media advertising dashboard to seduce the nations public into buying their next birthday card from us.

Working in such a creative industry and environment has it's moments of euphoria - the ability to express yourself and speak endlessly about creative possibilities we could create.  Each and every idea a possible entry point to the buyers pocket!  A way to sweetly encourage those chosen demographics into parting with a mere few little round coins in their change purse so that we, the Paper Comet clan, can pay our own mortgages and feed ourselves!

Thank You

Robert @ Paper Comet 

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