How Paper Comet Works

How Paper Comet Works

Robert Richardson ·

I am certain that, at some point in our lives, we have all sent a greetings card of some description.  Be it for wishing somebody a Happy Birthday, sending our love on an anniversary or even wishing somebody a happy retirement - Greetings cards are a perfect way to show people you are thinking about them on their special occasion.

Greetings cards come in all types and sizes.  From small quirky and funny cards to oversized valentines cards, and even enormous Christmas cards.  But let's be honest, who hasn't spent far too much time in a card shopping blankly starring at the same old type of cards or struggling to find something that suits.

And that's if you even have time to get into a card show nowadays!

That is where brings the card shop to you.  On our website you will find hundreds of designs, which have been created by our own in house designers, all readily available to ship the same day in most cases.

You can use the handy search function at the top of our website to find cards which match the personality of the person your buying for.  You can search for 'flower' cards, cards for 'car enthusiasts' or 'funny cards'.

When you place an order with Paper Comet for a greetings card, you have the option to include a hand-written message inside the card before we post it.

Our in house team will hand write the message and sign the card from you, this adds a very personal touch to sending a card from us.

We then ship your card using First Class post in a premium quality envelope.

Did you know you can also send a range of gifts directly to your friends and family, just check out our Gifts page to browse the range of products we stock.

If you would rather write and send the card yourself, that is not a problem.  Just leave the message box blank when placing an order and select your own address as the delivery address.  We can then send the card directly to you with a spare envelope for sending.

To quickly recap here is how Paper Comet works;

1. Browse our card designs and select the card you wish to send.

2. Enter a message to be hand written inside the card (if you wish).

3. Complete the checkout process and put your recipients address in the delivery address section.

4. We will process your order - That is print your card, hand sign it and post it for you to your recipient.

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