By Robert Richardson

How To Care For Your Letter Box Flowers

How to Care for Letterbox Flowers UK

Letterbox flowers are a simple way to send beautiful, fresh flowers anywhere in the UK. They make the perfect gift for any occasion or when you simply want to brighten someone’s day.

Finding our letterbox flowers on your doormat, instead of the usual bills and junk mail, is a wonderful surprise and you’ll want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide on how to care for your letterbox flowers.


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7 Top Tips on Caring for Letterbox Flowers


  1. Start with a clean vase. - Find an appropriately sized vase for your flowers. It should be deep enough to support all the stems in water, and clean. Any dirt in the vase will breed bacteria which could be detrimental to the longevity of your flowers.
  2. Add flower food to the water in the vase – this helps your flowers flourish and bloom for longer.
  3. Remove any leaves on the stems that will sit below the water line. This helps stop bacteria from decaying leaves contaminating the water.
  4. Use a sharp pair of scissors or knife to cut approximately 2cm off the bottom of each stem, at a 45-degree angle. This gives the stem a larger surface area to drink up enough food and water.
  5. Just like us, flowers love clean water. Change the water every 2-3 days to keep your flowers drinking healthy, fresh water.
  6. Display your gorgeous blooms somewhere away from direct sunlight in a fairly cool area. Flowers like cold temperatures, and will survive much better in a cool environment.
  7. Get rid of any wilted flowers -Your flowers will naturally wilt at different times. Besides not looking as nice, wilting flowers can spread mould onto the others.


Letterbox Flowers FAQs

What are letterbox flowers and How Do They Work?

Simply order online from our range of letterbox flowers and send them to any address in the UK.


All of the fresh flowers selected are carefully prepared and hand-tied before being placed carefully in a letterbox size box.


When the recipient opens the presentation box, they will find a card of helpful care tips, a handwritten message on a small card from the sender and of course the flowers! All the recipient will need to do is follow the instructions to display their new blooms in all their glory.


Why are the Letterbox Flowers in Bud?

We think it’s better to send our flowers while they’re still in bud because it’s the freshest way. It means you can enjoy the full life of your bouquet too.


It can take a day or two for your flowers to bloom - they’ll do it quicker if their

stems have been trimmed and they have lots of fresh, clean water to drink.


Some of our favourite flowers to send in bud are freesia, lilies, and alstroemeria as they burst open so dramatically. We hope you’ll love seeing them open to reveal their colourful petals too!

How Many Flowers are in Letterbox Flowers?

The exact number of flowers will vary depending on the flower arrangement you have chosen but typically each box contains up to 24 stems.


How long do Letterbox Flowers Last?

We guarantee that our flowers will stay fresh for at least 5 days if you follow our care guide included, however, our letterbox flowers typically last between 8 - 12 days.


What do I do With Drooping Letterbox Flowers?


Flowers and foliage use water to prop up their stems. So if they start to look a bit sad, they most likely just need a fresh drink. You can use some of the other stems as support too. Trim and place your stems in water as soon as possible. Over a day or so, they'll perk up and begin to bloom.

What Kinds of Flowers are Included in Letterbox Flowers?

At Paper Comet we currently have 5 varieties of letterbox flowers to choose from:

  • Simply Lily Letterbox Flowers
  • Natural Rose Letterbox Flowers
  • Freesias Letterbox Flowers
  • Alstroemeria Letterbox Flowers
  • Seasonal Bouquet Letterbox Flowers



Simply Lily Letterbox Flowers

A stunning bouquet of crisp white lily and stems of dusty green foliage.  Make their day with this beautifully scented letterbox flower selection.  Each box contains 3 Lily stems bursting with perfectly white buds which burst to life.


Natural Rose Letterbox Flowers

A half-dozen red roses, beautifully scented with dark green stems and foliage.  The flower of 'Love' they are sure to love these elegant Letterbox red rose stems.  Each bouquet is made up of 6 perfectly formed red rose stems and peppered white foliage.


Freesia Letterbox Flowers

A lush colourful bouquet of freesias sat amongst a selection of green and white foliage.  Each box contains 8 freesia stems that bloom at home.


Alstroemeria Letterbox Flowers

A bouquet of delicate Alstroemeria flowers in contrasting colours.  These scented flowers come in various colours and shades which may include whites, purples, reds and pinks set amongst lush green foliage.  Each flower gift box includes 8 stems of Alstroemeria in mixed colours.


Seasonal Bouquet Letterbox Flowers

A stunning bouquet of seasonal flowers and stems of dusty green foliage.  Make their day with this beautifully scented letterbox flower selection.  Each box contains a variety of scented seasonal flower stems bursting with colours and fragrances.


All of Our Letterbox Flowers boast:

  • Hand-tied flowers, arranged by our florists.
  • Responsibly sourced flowers.
  • Delivered in buds, bloom at home within 48 hours.
  • Delivered in letterbox friendly, fully recyclable packaging.
  • Care instructions included.
  • Include a short message on a postcard inside the box.
  • 5 Day Bloom guarantee



Love the idea of sending Letterbox Flowers as a gift? Check out our full range of letterbox flowers available for nationwide UK delivery and order online today.