Meet the Paper Comet team

Meet the Paper Comet team

Robert Richardson ·

As an independently owned company, Paper Comet wants it's customers to know more about the team behind

Meet Rob, our Managing Director and the mastermind behind Paper Comet.  With over a decade of experience in business and start-ups including online e-commerce business, Rob is perfectly placed to lead the team here at Paper Comet and take this business to market.

We caught up with Rob, during his hourly coffee break to ask him a few questions about his position here at Paper Comet.

What exactly is your job role here at Paper Comet?

" I'm the MD (Managing Director) and owner of the business, that means head honcho!  It's sounds cool to be 'the boss' but actually it means I have to oversee all the decisions made her within the company.  I lead from the front and like to get involved in every aspect and department."

How did the idea for Paper Comet come about?

" I had been researching options for a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, and just happened to find the online greetings card industry (especially in the UK) was controlled by just a few big players.  This lead me to believe there was a gap in the market for a new comer - especially since the big guys had all 'sold out' to major worldwide firms.  And so that was it; I loved the concept and the challenge ahead so just went for it."


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