Meet the Paper Comet Team

Meet the Paper Comet Team

Robert Richardson ·


 Meet Kel, our graphic designer and the creative force behind our cards. Having worked perfecting her art style at university and beyond Kelly found her place at paper comet that allowed her to stretch her creative wings.

We caught up with Kel, during her green tea break between bashing out cards.

What exactly is your job role here at Paper Comet?

" My role is graphic design, I keep the brand looking nice and the branding matching through all our social channels and websites.

What is most interesting about working for paper comet?

" That every day I get to design something new and different, I love to illustrate and design so any chance I get is a joy. This job allows me to embrace my creative side and think outside the box.
It can be a challenge to learn the new skills to work for a start-up, but that's what makes it so exciting."

What do you enjoy outside of work?

"I enjoy spending my time outside of work following my creative passions, I'm also a huge fan of alternative fashion. I also enjoy rock climbing and spending time with those I'm closest too."

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