Personalised Cards How It Started

Personalised Cards How It Started

Robert Richardson ·

Personalised Cards UK

Why and how Paper Comet Started

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It was the year 2021, the UK was still wrestling with lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions which meant online shopping was at an all time high.  More businesses than ever were taking their products and services online.  Our founder, Robert Richardson, was at the helm of his already successful commercial cleaning business navigating staff furlough schemes, office closures and plentiful supplies of PPE masks to his staff.


So in the midst of client shutdowns due to home working, Robert was keen to set up a Direct-To-Consumer business which could be managed online and would not been too hard-hit by possible future restrictions.  Many evenings of brainstorming ensued but it always came back to the same idea – an identified gap in the market – for an independent online greetings card company.


Within a few days of the idea to create a personalised greetings card website, Paper Comet was born.  The following few weeks were an exciting time for the fledgling customised card business owner, with creative sketches for logos, website designing, business planning and of course recruiting for a top-class graphic designer.


Personalised Cards Designed In House

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An advert on a well known job site for an experienced graphic designer to join a start-up personalised card business had no shortage of applicants.  Robert weeded down the applications to a handful of promising candidates, each of which was asked to attend a face to face interview with specifically one thing – a brand new greetings card design idea.


With a printed logo on an A4 sheet of paper stuck to the board room door, a makeshift Paper Comet office was ready to welcome the interviewees.  One application in particular had already excited the young entrepreneur due to its wacky and standout CV design; and the interview was no less of an excitement.  Kelly Tomkinson, with her curly bright yellow hair, piercings and tattoos stole the interviews with her enthusiasm and collection of previously created greetings cards. 


Due to a technical error online, it was almost curtains for Kelly’s opportunity to create endless personalised cards for Paper Comet as her CV and contact details went astray, but as luck would have it Robert tracked down a previous email thread and happily welcomed Kelly onto the team as head designer.


Personalised Cards For Birthdays


Kelly and Robert wasted no time getting pen to paper and creating unique designs for the card website business.  Personalised birthday cards for him, congratulations cards and funny age related cards spewed onto the screen as the small but determined team began to populate the website of Paper Comet with brand new personalised card designs.


One of the firsts designs adapted was the crystal ball birthday card which Kelly created as part of her interview.

Personalised Photo Upload Cards


Shortly after launching Paper Comet in November 2021, the duo new that in order to compete with the larger more established personalised card companies out there, they would need to offer photo upload cards.  This was not going to be an easy tasks as neither had website coding experience good enough to tackle the requirements.


Again, as if by magic, the answer appeared whilst scrolling through Facebook.  A software company which was able to adapt it’s systems to meet the needs of Paper Comet in order to be able to offer fully personalised cards and photo cards.


The software implementation was set up within days and pushed Paper Comet months ahead of schedule into a position to compete with the likes of Moonpig and Funky Pigeon.


Personalised Cards Signed By Hand


With the successful roll out of the new personalisation software, it was time to down pens.  As up to this point Robert and Kelly were offering a service which is a little less seen online within the personalised cards market – hand signed cards.


By accepting special messages they would hand sign each card on behalf of the customer before posting it to the happy recipient.  Robert knew this service was not scalable in the long run and as the business grew to compete across the world wide web that the service would have to adapt – he just did not know he would  achieve this so quickly.


Personalised Cards and Gifts


As the collection of personalised cards grew it was time to turn focus onto another high demand product; personalised gifts, and gifts by post.  Paper Comet sort out a selection of products from sweets and chocolate gifts to flower bouquets. 

A little later at the start of 2022 the company was able to offer personalised gifts such as photo mugs, personalised calendars and more.  Why not give your loved one an extra gift - your gorgeous face on a card? You could of course give them your face on any of our personalised gifts.


How Do I Create A Personalised Card?


  • Take a look at our selection of cards
  • Choose a design you know they’ll love
  • Click “personalised” on the right of the screen
  • Scroll through each page
  • You’ll see “Edit” and left and right arrows
  • Click edit
  • To edit the page simply click the section and type what you want your card to say.
  • Scroll to the back page
  • Select “Save”
  • You can either edit again if you’re not happy or choose your send option
  • Send directly to the recipient or send to yourself for you to send.

Keep in mind that not all cards can be personalised on the front page. Some cards allow you to add names, ages or add images, our editor will let you know.


Every card can have a fully personalised inside message. If you’d rather handwrite this simply leave it blank and choose the “send back to you” option. Make sure you’ve got the right postal address if you’re sending directly to them.


Why Should You Send A Personalised Card?

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We’ve been sending “cards” in various forms for centuries. Ancient Egyptians sent well wishes on papyrus roll - but let’s not bore you with that. Cards are just the perfect way to express every human emotion in a meaningful way. Joy, thanks, sympathy, humour, love and admiration, can all be expressed with a simple card. And let’s face it, the very British among us struggle to find the right words and express them in person. We’re more a pat on the back, little cough and “nice one”. Cards allow us to convey even our deepest emotions, even in a jovial tone.


Yes it’s 2022 and we’re all perfectly capable of sending a text, jumping on WhatsApp or even firing off an email but there’s some special about cards. When you receive a card it shows you that someone has really made an effort, especially if it’s a personalised card! It shows that the other person has put time and thought into sending their message and you weren’t just a passing thought on their ever-growing to-do list.


Personalised Gifts


What’s more perfect to accompany your personalised card than a personalised gift? We’ve got mugs, T-shirts, calendars and canvas prints which can all be easily personalised, just as above. The editor is slightly different but just as easy to use. Just select the design you like, choose how many images you’d like and the wording and enter it on the screen. In no time at all your personalised gift will be on its way to you or your loved one.


Browse our full range of personalised cards now and see which designs you fall in love with. With so many to choose from, it’s the hardest part of shopping with us, everything else is…well… simple.





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