Personalised Father's Day Cards

Personalised Father's Day Cards

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Personalised Cards Father’s Day Cards

A brief history of Father’s Day


Recent UK statistics suggest that there are over 19 million Father’s in the UK, that’s a huge number of Father’s Day Cards making their way to Dad’s, Daddy’s and Papa’s all over the country.


Even though you might think that Father’s Day has been celebrated for just as long as we have been sending Mother’s Day cards, you would probably be surprised to learn that it is actually a much younger celebration.


Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June each year, Father’s Day was believed to have only entered British popularity some time after World War 2, whilst Mother’s Day beginnings can be traced back to medieval times.


Personalised Father’s Day Cards


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In the UK it is customary to send a Father’s Day card to your Dad on the 3rd Sunday in June, known as Father’s Day.  A specific date on which we celebrate our Father’s and the roles they play in our lives.  Many would also offer gifts to their Father’s and plan to spend quality time in their Father’s company during Father’s Day.


Paper Comet has the perfect solution for personalised Father’s Day cards, with a specific category which includes unique designs for Dads. 


Quality printed A5 Father’s Day cards, which can be sent direct to your Dad or sent back to you so you can personally deliver the card.


We have a number of designs which you can use to create a unique card just for your Dad on Father’s Day, by adding photos and special messages.

Personalised Photo Cards For Father’s Day


We like to keep things simple at Paper Comet and finding the perfect card should be just that, simple.  You will find all our Father’s Day cards in a specific category ready for you to choose from.


We have a number of photo upload cards which are perfect to celebrate your Dad on this special day.


Personalised Cards For Dad


With only 365 days in a year many Dad’s may share their birthday with Father’s Day!  But Paper Comet has you covered with that too.


Personalised birthday cards for Dad is the best place to start on our website if you are looking for something special to make your Dad’s birthday card stand out amongst all the others.


Personalised Cards For Gay Dads

OK, So we all know that not all families are made up of a Mum, a Dad and their 2.5 children.  Some kids are lucky enough to have two Dads. 


Paper Comet works very hard to accommodate everyone within it’s card categories regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion or hair colour.


Browse our range of LGBTQ+ greetings cards where you will find customisable cards perfect for birthdays, Father’s day, or any other special occasion.


Personalised Cards Online

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Father’s Day comes once a year, so make sure you tell your Dad just how special he is – and what better way to let him know than with a Father’s Day card from Paper Comet.


If you can’t be with your Dad on Father’s Day, do not panic.  With Paper Comet you can choose your favourite Father’s Day card, personalise it and let us do the rest.  We can send your Dad his Father’s Day card via 1st class post.



How Do I Create A Personalised Father’s Day Card?


  • Take a look at our selection of Father’s Day cards
  • Choose a design you know they’ll love
  • Click “personalised” on the right of the screen
  • Scroll through each page
  • You’ll see “Edit” and left and right arrows
  • Click edit
  • To edit the page simply click the section and type what you want your card to say.
  • Scroll to the back page
  • Select “Save”
  • You can either edit again if you’re not happy or choose your send option
  • Send directly to the recipient or send to yourself for you to send.


Keep in mind that not all cards can be personalised on the front page. Some cards allow you to add names, ages or add images, our editor will let you know.


Every card can have a fully personalised inside message. If you’d rather handwrite this simply leave it blank and choose the “send back to you” option. Make sure you’ve got the right postal address if you’re sending directly to them.


Why Should You Send A Personalised Father’s Card?


We’ve been sending “cards” in various forms for centuries. Ancient Egyptians sent well wishes on papyrus roll - but let’s not bore you with that. Cards are just the perfect way to express every human emotion in a meaningful way. Joy, thanks, sympathy, humour, love and admiration, can all be expressed with a simple card. And let’s face it, the very British among us struggle to find the right words and express them in person. We’re more a pat on the back, little cough and “nice one”. Cards allow us to convey even our deepest emotions, even in a jovial tone.


Yes it’s 2022 and we’re all perfectly capable of sending a text, jumping on WhatsApp or even firing off an email but there’s some special about cards. When you receive a card it shows you that someone has really made an effort, especially if it’s a personalised card! It shows that the other person has put time and thought into sending their message and you weren’t just a passing thought on their ever-growing to-do list.


Personalised Gifts For Dad


What’s more perfect to accompany your personalised card than a personalised gift? We’ve got mugs, T-shirts, calendars and canvas prints which can all be easily personalised, just as above. The editor is slightly different but just as easy to use. Just select the design you like, choose how many images you’d like and the wording and enter it on the screen. In no time at all your personalised gift will be on its way to you or your loved one.


Browse our full range of personalised cards now and see which designs you fall in love with. With so many to choose from, it’s the hardest part of shopping with us, everything else is…well… simple.





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